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Have a look at these recipes! These are our recipes from the category chocolate – suitable for various occasions. Try one of these 418 recipes. Are you in a hurry or do you like relaxing in the kitchen with a good recipe? The preparation time for the following recipes is 2 - 720 minutes. The time estimate is given for each recipe. If you can’t make up your mind, then we recommend these favorite and very popular recipes - Aussie chocolate slice recipe, The most delicious chocolate brownies recipe, Best homemade banana bread recipe, The best homemade chocolate cupcakes recipe.

Chocolate Cake with Fruit

A perfect and quick chocolate cake with fruit that I baked over the weekend.

Mug Cake from Plain Flour

A simple and quick recipe for a crispy cake that you will fall in love with. You can prepare it for a celebration, a visit, or just for an afternoon coffee.

Microwave Mug Cake

This recipe is for all lovers of simple and quick desserts. A mug cake will bring you great taste and pleasure in less than 10 minutes. Give it a try!

Valentine's Cake

A chocolate cake in heart shape is the perfect dessert for those who want to express their love with an exceptional and irresistible treat.

Simple Chocolate Cake

This simple chocolate cake is suitable for sitting with friends or for coffee and tea.

Žerbo Hearts

A quick no-bake treat made from a few ingredients. I didn't use any sweetener at all, but if it's not sweet enough for you, cut back on the jam and add a little good quality honey.

Valentine's Cake

Delicious Valentine's Day cake recipe full of chocolate.

Valentine's Cake

Valentine's cake with pudding. A popular dessert.

Chocolate Strawberry Cake

This cake is a perfect combination of a hot, slightly cocoa dough and slightly sour strawberries. It's a simple dessert that will refresh your taste buds and fill you with happiness.

Raw Chocolate Cake

Recipe for a perfect Raw Chocolate Cake that you can indulge in anytime you crave it.

Chocolate Brownies

A recipe for chocolate brownies, suitable for any occasion.

Chocolate Cheesecake with Mascarpone

This recipe for chocolate cheesecake with mascarpone is absolutely irresistible for chocolate lovers.

Bananas in batter

Sweet, crispy and tasty bananas in batter, it's a perfect dessert suggestion. The bananas are wrapped in slightly sweet batter and then fried until golden. This dessert is not only tasty, but also simple and quick to prepare. Try it!

Bundt Cake with Egg Liqueur

This recipe for a bundt cake with egg liqueur is simple and the final product is simply irresistible. It's a great way to combine the flavors of egg liqueur and traditional pastries. It's delicious, moist, and sweet - simply perfect for any occasion.

Apple Chocolate Cake

Great recipe for apple-chocolate cake with perfect chocolate icing.

Chocolate Fitness Bars

These bars are full of healthy ingredients, are tasty and easy to prepare. Perfect for a quick breakfast or a snack on the go.