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Rhubarb Pie with Quark

A tasty and simple pie that even a beginner can prepare. Rhubarb pie with quark is a great dessert.

Turkey Saute with Cream

A recipe for a very tasty turkey saute with cream. It goes well with pasta.

Tomato and Pepper Spread

The pepper-tomato spread is full of vitamins, especially Vitamin C, which is concentrated in the pepper.

Pork roulade with dried tomatoes

Tasty pork roulade filled with the exceptional combination of dried tomatoes, mozzarella and green pesto, sprinkled with fresh herbs.

Chicken sauté with whipping cream

Perfect and quick chicken sauté with cream and pasta.

Creamy Risotto with Peas

Creamy risotto with peas is a perfect meal for those looking for healthy and balanced cooking.

Grilled Chicken Pieces

Delicious and juicy grilled chicken breasts with aromatic herbs and lemon. This simple recipe is perfect for summer barbecues or for a healthy dinner all year round.

Chocolate Lava Cake

A recipe for a tasty Chocolate Lava Cake, perfect for gatherings with friends.

Bean Salad with Mayonnaise

A tasty and light salad prepared from beans.

Elderflower Juice

Prepare a refreshing elderflower juice for summer.

Chocolate Cookies

These chocolate cookies are soft and full of rich chocolate flavor. This recipe is simple and quick, making it ideal for baking with kids.

Red Lentil Salad

This salad is ideal for summer lunches or dinners. You can also replace the mozzarella with feta cheese for a different flavor variant.

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