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Have a look at these recipes! These are our recipes from the category Quick meals – suitable for various occasions. We have a great collection of 2260 recipes to diversify your menu! These recipes will take about 1 - 720 minutes to prepare. In addition to the ingredients and procedure, each recipe includes an approximate preparation time and number of portions. See our favorite recipes here - The best ever carbonara recipe, Easy Chickpea Salad with Lemon and Dill, How to make steak marinade at home?, Creamy Chicken Pasta of your Dreams! - made for lovers of good food. Enjoy your meal!

Green Porridge

Quick and simple porridge, not only for kids

Pasta with Salmon and Cream Sauce

This recipe is a simple and quick way to prepare an excellent dish from salmon and pasta.

Mackerel Spread

Mackerel spread is a perfect choice for a quick and healthy breakfast.

Honey Marinade for Grilling

This honey marinade is the perfect complement to grilled meat. Honey gives the meat a gentle sweetness, while the other ingredients add spiciness.

Buckwheat Pancakes

A healthy and nutritious recipe that you will love. Buckwheat pancakes are an excellent alternative to traditional pancakes and are suitable for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Curd Filling with Mascarpone

An excellent sweet filling that you can use for stuffing pancakes, cakes or as a standalone dessert.

Tuna Pasta with Olives

A recipe for quick and tasty tuna pasta with olives.
Recipe preview Carrot Spread with Cheese
Photo recipe

Carrot Spread with Cheese

Carrot-cheese spread for a slice of bread.

Cod with Asparagus

A simple recipe, you can choose the type of fish to your liking

Simple Cottage Cheese Cakes

You might know Moravian cakes. They are indeed tasty, but quite time-consuming to prepare and at the same time caloric. If you crave them and want to prepare them quickly, simply and healthier, but still very delicious, here is a recipe.

Sponge Cake with Pudding

A simple sheet cake with a layer of pudding and a chocolate topping

Sponge Roll with Strawberry Cream

A simple sponge roll that is ready in 30 minutes.

Cookie Sticks

A simple and quick recipe for tasty cookie sticks.

Curd and Nutella dessert in a glass

A simple quick dessert that anyone can master.

One-pan Salmon with Potatoes

A quick and simple dinner or lunch

Mini Cheesecakes with White Chocolate

Tasty mini cheesecakes with white chocolate, strawberries, and almond flakes.