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Discover some tasty recipes from the category pasta. One of these 370 recipes may become your new favorite. These recipes will take about 5 - 360 minutes to prepare. In addition to the ingredients and procedure, each recipe includes an approximate preparation time and number of portions. If you can’t make up your mind, then we recommend these favorite and very popular recipes - The best ever carbonara recipe, Easiest Lasagna Ever, The best and easiest mushroom and cream pasta recipe, Homemade Chicken Chow Mein Recipe.

Crispy Crunchy Fried Noodle Salad

This Crispy Noodle Salad is perfect for lunches, dinners, or a side dish when friends come over.

Delicious cheese tortellini in tomato sauce

This recipe for cheese tortellini in tomato sauce is a simple, quick and tasty dish that I often make when I want to save time but don't want to compromise on flavor. Topped with fresh basil and grated parmesan, it's a favorite among my family and friends!

Beet gnocchi recipe

As a passionate amateur chef, I always enjoy varying traditional dishes with seasonal ingredients. That's how this delicious recipe for beet gnocchi came about. I have often prepared it for friends and family and it always goes down extremely well. The deep red color is of course visually striking and the slightly earthy taste of the beet harmonizes wonderfully with the hearty taste of the homemade gnocchi.

Baked gyros pasta

Baked gyros pasta is one of my favorite dishes that everyone can cook. It's a completely simple and versatile dish that can be adapted according to taste and available ingredients.

Best Ever Basic Macaroni Salad

This Macaroni Salad is an excellent side dish to have on warm and sunny picnics or family barbecues.

Pasta with smoked salmon and cream sauce

This recipe for pasta with smoked salmon and cream sauce is one of my favorites. I prepare it quite often because it is very tasty, quick and convenient to prepare. The salmon adds flavour and nutrition to the dish, while the cream sauce adds a creamy consistency that complements the pasta perfectly.

Pasta with cheese sauce and vegetables

This recipe for pasta with cheese sauce and vegetables is great not only for vegetarians, but also for all those who want to eat healthy and tasty.

Baked pasta with cheese and broccoli

If you're looking for something simple and healthy that everyone in the family will enjoy, be sure to try this baked pasta with cheese and broccoli.

Pasta with niva sauce and ham

Pasta with nicoise sauce and ham is one of my favourite dishes. This simple, yet tasty and filling combination of ingredients creates the perfect dinner for family or friends.

Homemade cheese macaroni

This is a favorite recipe from my childhood that I often make for friends and family. The combination of creamy cheese sauce and the tender macaroni gives this dish depth and full-flavored deliciousness. After years of experience making this hearty dish, I've learned a few useful tips and tricks that make it a guaranteed success.

Pasta with chicken and tomato sauce

Pasta with chicken and tomato sauce. One of my favourite meals that I prepare for myself and my family.

Pasta with broccoli and ham

A quick and tasty pasta with broccoli and ham that's perfect for a weeknight dinner.

Pasta with garlic

Quick and easy pasta with garlic.

Tortellini alla panna

"Tortellini Alla Panna" is one of my absolute favorite dishes from Italian cuisine, which I have prepared countless times for family and friends. This creamy pasta with the aroma of prosciutto and Parmesan cheese is guaranteed to delight every palate. I can make the combination of soft tortellini, velvety cream and the salty touch of prosciutto in just under 30 minutes, a real treat for pasta lovers!

Pasta with cream and pesto

My favourite pasta is this quick, simple and richly flavoured pesto cream pasta. I've made it many times, family loves it, friends always ask for the recipe. The ingredients are always to hand and the basil adds a real burst of flavour to an otherwise simple pasta. Really worth a try!

Classic Swabian cabbage spaetzle

This traditional southern German dish is one of my favorites and I have made it many times. The combination of hearty spaetzle and the slightly sour taste of the cabbage is not only delicious, but also very filling. A real comfort food that tastes particularly good in the cold season!