Easy and Quick Pork Belly Recipe

Want to eat something savoury? Then get yourself prepared to enjoy our best pork belly recipe. This succulent meat is all you need for your main course.



number of servings
  • 1 bay leaf Added to
  • 1 star anise Added to
  • 2 cloves cloves of garlic Added to
  • 200 grm Pork belly Added to
  • soy sauce Added to
  • Mirin sauce Added to
  • sesame oil Added to
  • 1 paprika Added to
  • 1 onion Added to
  • 2 spring onion Added to
  • Spicy soybean sauce Added to
  • chili oil Added to


35 min.
1. Step

Take a pan and add some water, bay leaf and star anise, cloves, and garlic gloves in it.

2. Step

Next, put the given pork belly in this water.

3. Step

Pour 2 tablespoons of soya sauce and mirin.

4. Step

Add ½ spoon of sesame oil to the pan.

5. Step

Leave it on flame for 15 minutes.

6. Step

Now take garlic gloves, onion, bell pepper, and spring onion, then chop all of them.

7. Step

Take the pork belly out of the pan and cut it into fine slices.

8. Step

Next, take another pan and add some cooking oil and crushed garlic.

9. Step

It’s time to add veggies to it and let it soot for a while.

10. Step

Also, add pork belly slices to the pan.

11. Step

For flavoring, add 2 tablespoons of spicy soybean sauce, 1 spoon of mirin, and soy sauce, and cook it for a few seconds.

12. Step

Also, add 2 spoons of chili oil and 1 teaspoon of sesame oil.

13. Step

Now cook it for a few minutes.

14. Step

So, you can serve now. Try the pork belly slice recipe with white rice to make it more nutrient-dense.

15. Step

Have a delicious meal!

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