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Discover some tasty recipes from the category cooked. How about trying one of these 2069 recipes today? Preparation time 5 - 4320 minutes. You can find the exact preparation time below each recipe. In addition, see how many portions you will get by using the given amount of ingredients. If we’re talking about good recipes, then these favorites come to mind - The best ever carbonara recipe, The best homemade potato latkes recipe, How to make Montecristo gourmet sandwiches?, The Best Devilled Sausages. Will you try one out?

Turmeric Latte

This is a healthy drink that can help improve your health and mood. It has a pleasant taste and is easy to prepare.

Goulash Soup with Sausages

Try the classic goulash soup enriched with a distinctive sausage taste. This soup is perfect for cold days and will surely warm you up.

Chicken breasts with coconut milk

Surprise your family with this exotic dish full of flavor. Chicken breasts served in coconut milk with delicate spices and fresh vegetables are the perfect solution for dinner.

Cauliflower Soup with Egg

This tasty and nutritious soup is ideal for cold winter days. You can also prepare it as a quick lunch meal.

Chicken Pasta Salad with Vegetables

A simple chicken pasta salad with vegetables, perfect as a main dish.

Red Lentils with Chicken

Surprise your family with a delicious and healthy meal full of protein thanks to the lentils. This simple dish with chicken, potatoes, and tomatoes is an ideal solution for every lunch or dinner.

Carrot and Zucchini Soup

A light, healthy and delicious soup full of vitamins.

Chicken with Broccoli and Cheese Sauce

A tasty and nutritious recipe, great for lunches or dinners. The chicken is cooked until it is soft and juicy, then broccoli and cheese sauce are added. This dish is rich in protein and vitamins.

Creamy Artichoke Risotto

The artichoke risotto is a rich and tasty first course, suitable to prepare in the winter months when artichokes are in season. This creamy version is made with good parmesan and a handful of chopped nuts.

Artichoke Soup

A healthy and tasty artichoke soup, perfect as an appetizer or a light dinner dish.

Lemon Marmalade

A delicious spread that transforms lemon into a sweet and slightly bitter jam. Perfect to spread on a piece of toasted bread or to use as a filling for sweets.

Pumpkin Ketchup

Homemade pumpkin ketchup, with the addition of spicy spices. A perfect addition to meats and sandwiches.

Tagliatelle with Spinach

Delicate, silky tagliatelle, served with fresh spinach and aromatic garlic. Ideal for a quick but refined meal.

Spinach with butter and Parmesan

A simple but delicious Italian recipe for spinach. The spinach is sauteed in butter and seasoned with grated Parmesan. Perfect to serve as a side dish or to enhance your pasta dishes.

Rice with Tuna and Corn

This recipe offers a fast and simple method for preparing a delicious and nutritious meal. The combination of tuna and corn is a great way to incorporate some protein and color into our everyday diet.

Perfect Soft Boiled Egg

Preparing a perfect soft boiled egg is not rocket science, you just need a few little tricks. This recipe will guarantee your success every time.