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Roast turkey

Recipe for a delicious roast turkey that is suitable for family gatherings and celebrations.

Stuffed doll

Recipe for tasty stuffed pork tenderloin with mushrooms, cheese and Orava bacon.

Langos like from the Christmas market

A recipe as atmospheric as a Christmas market and as cozy as a snug winter evening: langos. These Hungarian fat buns are definitely a must for every winter season. The outside is crispy and the inside is wonderfully tender and soft. My family and I just love them! I tried this recipe last Christmas and it was a huge success. The langos can be topped however you like!

Baked cod fillets

Recipe for delicious baked cod fillets that are perfect for lunch or dinner.

Speculoos parfait Christmas dessert

This speculoos parfait is one of my favorite desserts during the Christmas season. It combines the irresistible taste of speculoos with the smoothness of parfait. It's quite easy to make and always a hit at my family gatherings. Let's walk through the recipe together!

Recipe for "Christmas cookies"

This recipe for Christmas cookies is an absolute must for my family during the festive season. Perfecting these treats takes a little practice and a lot of love. But once you've experienced the heavenly aroma that fills your home while these delicacies bake in the oven, you'll happily return to this recipe year after year.

Spiced slices (Christmas cookies)

I make these delicious spiced slices every year at Christmas time. They are so tasty and aromatic that they are now part of our festive traditions. Plus, this recipe is pretty easy to make and only takes an hour.

Vegan Christmas cookies without egg

There's nothing better than the smell of freshly baked cookies wafting through the whole house. Ever since I tried these vegan Christmas cookies without eggs, I bake them every year. Not only are they delicious, but they only need a few ingredients and are very easy to make. See for yourself!

Nutella Christmas tree

The imminent joy of Christmas makes us get creative in the kitchen! I experimented in my kitchen and conjured up a dreamy \Nutella Christmas tree\. This sweet treat is not only a hit with the little ones, but also with the grown-ups. It's easy to make, looks fantastic and tastes heavenly!

Florentine Almond cookies

This traditional Italian cookie is a favorite with my family and friends and I bake these delicious treats every year at Christmas time. The perfect blend of crunchy almonds, sweet caramel and dark chocolate makes these cookies irresistible!

Graved salmon from Scandinavia

Graved salmon is one of my absolute favorite dishes and I have prepared it many times for friends and family. This recipe of mine is the result of much experimentation and adaptation. The amazing thing is that it is so incredibly easy to make, yet so tasty and impressive. A piece of fresh salmon fillet is marinated in a spicy pickle and is ready to serve after two days.

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